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After coming back from my incredible trip to Utah in 2000, Margo and I brought back twelve rolls of film. I was full of anticipation and could not wait to see all the wonderful scenery brought back from memory. Little did I know that

cheap P&S camera + no experience + awe of landscape = very bad photographs

The images were boring, bland, insipid, uninteresting, incorrectly exposed, lacking focus, etc. ad nauseum. It was truly my fault, and I naturally blamed the equipment. So, I set out to acquire the best gear I could not afford with an eye toward future trips.

Well, less than a year later, I am quite satisfied with the equipment that I bought. It was expensive and I am still selling things to pay for it, but it is worth it (I also learned a valuable lesson). All I need now, is some talent, time, and skill. Since I have neither, I end up shooting rolls upon rolls of film with nary a decent image. Ok, maybe I have two or three that are not terrible out of five films. These are the ones I store online in the galleries. With time, even the most inept monkey should improve, so I hope the galleries will begin filling up with photographs. Unfortunately, cost considerations also dictate that I scan the slides myself, so the results are not nearly as good as from a PhotoCD. I apologize for that.